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Dr Needles

 Dr Needles starts his musician carrier arriving to Madrid arround 1999. In his begginings as a Dj, he starts getting known in the most popular raves of main town but soon, his sets will be listened in some of the most pretigious clubs of the city. In 2003, guided by well known House producers, he starts to produce his firsts tracks, that elvolve from electro tempo to diverse minimal variants, results of the influence of producers like Adam Beyer, Alex Under, Dario Zeker or Tadeo among others.
Nowadays, the style of his productions is marked by this musical tendencies.In case of a dark and deep minimal development, wich has takken him to realese in varius labels like VDI-RECORDS, LEVEL UP, INMINIMAX, SIMPLEX, getting very good results and feedbacks.



[SPLX015 ]