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Dj Raid

 Dj Raid was borned in 1989 in Tarragona (Spain) having his first contact with music productions at 12 years old, after buying a simple program wich showed him the basic tecnics of music productions. He started composing gabber/holand hardcore tracks.
  At the age of 14, he starts to work at the local radio doing his own programs during 3 years. In the same period, he´s into djing in local clubs. After passing through Monegros Festival and living acts like Pet Duo or Dj Rush, he starts getting into techno wich will drive him to the work of people like Richie Hawtin,Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos... starting this way to experiment with minimal sounds, as he improves his production tecnics by using Ableton Live. Youth and willing to minimal rythm.


[SPLX015 ]