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Johnny Aemkel

Since a child lover of techno music. Start a love for the techno & trance. At the young age of 7 years collecting vinyl and CDs and information on the history of the birth of this genre. At 9 years old he started to experiment and learn DJing thanks to the teachings of his elder brother. For his first time entering a club but despite being a child, to attend to display of his brother behind the console, it was soon love . Since then he has never ceased to frequent the nightclubs. At 11 years old begins to develop a love for production, without anybody's help Johnny learn the elementary basics of music production with simple programs producing various musical genres from House music to Techno & Trance .... begins to acquire a general knowledge on electronic music reading encyclopedias and doing research on the web.. Skip to Genus Minimal Techno 2 years later and made his first public performance at the age of 16 years playing in famous clubs and not... In 2006 he founded a project called (MINIMAL STARS PROJECT) turning it into a real event with the locals of his beloved Verona along with ANDY SMILE, STEPHAN BARNEM & CADDY JD... Now at the age of 22 years is on the world rankings of best-selling discs