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Initially a light board operator starting from 2004 at the Bali Dance Club, he got the chance to show off his talent as a DJ with a help from DJ Cory B a year later. From then on, he was regularly appearing on stage along with DJ Maxy and Cino spinning popular hits. Starting from 2008, he was also working with Cory B as a warm-up DJ for his tech-time nights. He also played in different clubs and outings in the surrounding cities (Summer Youth Games in Senta, Sinful Promo Ada, Club Echo Moravica, Faith Club Cantavir etc.)

He and DJ Maxy have also been producing many club hits, remixes and bootlegs since the summer of 2007 as “Maxy&Billy”. Their first composition was made in 2007. They remixed Chris Lawyer & Tommy’s “Shine on Me”, which was featured on a latin compilation album in 2009.

He has been a resident DJ in Bali Club since 2009 alongside acts such as Philipp Straub aka Felipe, Marko Nastic, Dejan Milicevic, Muzzaik etc.