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Paride Saraceni

Paride Saraceni was born In Vasto (italy) on January 22 1991. Music experimentations, research of sound perfectionism and strong passion for electronic music make Paride a promising figure in European underground life.

sound: organic, realistic and often a-symmetric. Paride’s style can be defined as progressive and innovative, but at the same time, dynamically funky and classic, still constantly influenced by the international sound tendence.
Paride's productions started on February 2009, with a digital release on Autist records, simoultaniously, he started a co-operation with Dema. Their second EP "Traffic" had an incredible and unexpected success in the spring of 2009 being played by many Djs including Paco Osuna and Danilo Vigorito who played Traffic in Milan, Florence and Riccione, in the historical club Cocorico. Semafor EP, released on Diva Records (Andrea Mattioli's new label) and reached the 12th position on the top 100 downloads on, the worldwide digital download network. New Age Acids, released initially on Absolutely Records by Phunk Investigation, was published on Carl Cox's Black Rock Desert Compilation on the world Top label GLOBAL UNDERGROUND on February 1st 2010. Paride Saraceni takes part in Diva Records administration. Alive releases criticizer and careful sound researcher, Paride aims to make an indeleble sign in history of electronic music.